Robbie Williams – The Christmas Present – Christmas Past, Present & Future

British artist Robbie Williams has released a Christmas album entitled The Christmas Present. It consists of classics and new songs divided into two categories: Christmas past and Christmas future. 

The music is Pop with a Holiday twist. The symphony, playing in the background, adds a lovely touch. The sleigh bells, a trademark sound of the Christmas time, give the album the holiday feel to it. The original material by Robbie Williams has both the classical Christmas music and a contemporary sound, both of which honour this time of year. The composition of the songs has a natural structure with a harmonious flow. 

Robbie Williams’ voice is husky but soft and sweet. The duets throughout the album are marvellous. One can hear the enthusiasm and excitement of the artists for Christmas. Robbie Williams sang with many artists including Bryan Adams (Christmas – Baby Please Come Come) and Rod Stewart (Fairytales & It Takes Two). He also performs with Jamie Cullum (Merry Xmas Everybody), Poppa Pete (It’s a Wonderful Life), Helene Fischer (Santa Baby), Tyson Fury (Bad Sharon). What a joy to listen to them!

The lyrics have such heart and soul to them with the presence of creativity and imagination. The words are full of celebration and joy. The storytelling aspect of the record gives it a whimsical touch to it. The mix of old and new, of the past and present, adds a beautiful musical touch. Some of the songs honour the religious aspect of the holiday nicely, such as the songs Happy Birthday Jesus and Soul Transmission. While others focus on Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas, it’s a record that is full of wonder and delight. The songs on the album share sentiments that many feel during the holiday season, such as the challenges of Christmas shopping and making beautiful memories with loved ones. It covers many themes in this 2-disc record. Enjoy!

The album The Christmas Present is now available.

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