Ben Adams’ Christmas Album -All Wrapped Up

British Pop Star Ben Adams has released a Christmas album entitled All Wrapped Up. The record has covers of classic Christmas songs such as Last Christmas and Walking in a Winter Wonderland. 

The music is Jazz – a lovely contrast to the Pop music of Christmas songs. The music is ideal for a holiday dinner- a lounge vibe to it. I especially enjoyed the slow rhythm of the Christmas classics, some of which have a faster beat. The sound of the piano and the violin complement the overall effect of this Christmas album. Last Christmas is an example of a slow rhythm but to a faster tempo half-way through the tune. The transition is smooth. The rest of the record has a moderate speed. Ben Adams’ version of White Christmas is similar to Bing Crosby’s original version, but with more piano in the background- just as impressiveThe album is a lovely homage to the original works, and it feels new and fresh.

Ben Adams’ voice has a maturity to it that adds a nice touch to the album. His vocal style consists of a mastered high register of singing. He captures the Christmas spirit with his smooth and jazzy voice -Ben Adams sings with a natural flow. 

The album All Wrapped Up is available. 

Happy Holidays!

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