Single Saturdays: Ben Adams & Morissette – This Is Christmas

British Singer Ben Adams and Filipina artist Morisette Amon have a new single for the Christmas season entitled This Is Christmas. It’s a song about a couple who look forward to the holiday, as many of us do. Willem Laseroms wrote and composed This Is Christmas

The music is Pop, including Brit Pop and Holiday. It’s an upbeat sound that inspires one to be excited about Christmas. The song This Is Christmas reminds me of the works by a1, of which Ben Adams is a member, especially the early 2000s. The composition has a perfect mix of old and new. The instruments heard in the background are sleigh bells and the piano, giving the song the holiday cheer known and loved by many.

Ben Adams and Morissette’s voices complement each nicely with fantastic musical chemistry. They both sing with joy and cheer, full of Christmas spirit. Morissette sings with a higher voice, whereas Ben Adams sings with a deeper register that gives their duet a lovely contrast.

The lyrics describe the happiness of spending the holidays with loved ones. One can genuinely feel the excitement in the words of This Is Christmas. The rhyme structure has a freestyle combination of ABBA and ABAB that is impressive. The lyrics have a smooth flow to them, making them easy to follow. The repetition of the sentences “I Can’t-Wait Till I Get Home” and “This Christmas” demonstrate the anticipation of the Holiday festivities. The words are from the heart.

The single This Is Christmas is now available.

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