First Single Fridays: Imy Fey – Her

French singer Imy Fey has released her first single entitled Her. The story covers the difficulties of life after a breakup. 

The music is R&B mixed with Soul. It reflects the mood of the song with a rhythmic beat. The drums and the piano complement the vibe of the tune that creates a sense of confusion. 

Imy Fey’s voice is fantastic, bold and full of passion. She captures the conflicted emotions that one feels following a separation. Imy Fey is an emerging artist with potential. The beat sounds like a heart beating fast because of the mixed feelings the girl goes through, following this difficult time.

The lyrics describe life after heartbreak caused by a breakup, as well as the pain of seeing an ex with someone else. There’s a sense of anger and confusion described in great detail, but also sadness. Freestyle writing is structured and flowy. The words are full of raw and unfiltered emotions that one feels when trying to cope with separation, even learning to move on.  

The single Her is now available.

Disclaimer: The song contains coarse language. Listener Discretion is Advised.

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