BBMAK’s Latest Album Powerstation

British group BBMAK has released a new album entitled Powerstation. The overall themes are love, heartbreak and second chances.

The music of the album Powerstation is Brit Pop that is incredible. There’s a fresh sound mixed with the classic style from the 90s, making it better than ever! Some of the songs even remind me of a classic of theirs entitled Back Here. The guitar has a significant and astonishing presence throughout the record. The composition is rhythmic and magnificent with a romantic or heavy music depending on the song.  

The members of BBMak gave terrific performances on this album, full of emotion. They sang in harmony with their voices complementing each other as well as with authenticity.

The lyrics on this record are expressive and full of life and imagination. The poetry is incredible, especially with the metaphors and similes. An example of an analogy is the song Powerstation. It reflects a journey in life or in a relationship that has reached an end. In this case, I interpret it as a happy ending.  BulletTrain is a comparison to how love can feel like that because it happens fast and suddenly. There’s excellent storytelling in the tunes of this album that makes it genuine, and at times romantic.   

The album Powerstation is now available.

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