Single Saturdays: Eliane – Lesson Learned

Swiss Popstar Eliane has a new single out entitled Lesson Learned. The song tells a story about a relationship that didn’t work out and how the woman learns her lesson. She hopes for a second chance to fix things. Eliane Müller, Julian Simmons, and Paul Cook wrote and composed Lesson Learned.  Julian Simmons is also the producer of this tune.

The music is Pop with a slow beat, indicating the sad mood of the tune. The piano in the background compliments the song perfectly, as well as gives it a lovely composition. The beat is smooth and rhythmic. The music is fantastic in this song.

Eliane’s voice is smooth and soft, like a whisper. She also hits the high notes and sings from the heart. Her style is unique in her music.

The lyrics have a lovely simplicity to them with fantastic freestyle. The words are genuine and full of raw emotion. That feeling of wishing we can go back in time to fix a relationship is relatable and a timeless subject. The use of repetition in the chorus emphasizes that sentiment. It’s not known if the woman gets a second chance, but she has hope that it’s possible. That is subject to one’s interpretation.

The single Lesson Learned is now available.

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