Hearstreets’ Latest Album – Why Makes Sense Revisited 1

Canadian duo has released a new album entitled Why Makes Sense Revisited 1.  Hearstreets revisited three songs with other artists. The songs are By You (featuring Foxtrott), Say It To My Face (featuring Philippe Brault), and The Power On Which We Ride (featuring Constance). 

The music R&B/Soul mixed with Electric beat and Rap. The new compositions to this mini-album have bold sounds with a slow rhythm. The song By You (featuring Foxtrott) has an electric tone that contrasts with the original version. The music is heavier but full of impact. Say It To My Face (featuring Philippe Brault) has a sound that is more than the other two versions.  The Power On Which We Ride (featuring Constance) also has slow music that differs from the original version of the Why Makes Sense album. The vibe changes the mood of the song. It’s impressive the musical structure of these songs.

Emma Beko and Gab Godon sing wonderfully in this mini-album, along with other artists. Foxtrott did an impressive job in performing his part of By You. Heartstreets and the artists in this record sang well together. 

Great work!

The mini-album Why Makes Sense Revisited 1 is now available.

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