Single Saturdays: Lee Ryan – Ghost

British Pop Star Lee Ryan has released a new single entitled Ghost. It’s the story of a young man whose life is falling apart through circumstances. Lee Ryan & Aiko Rohd wrote and composed the song.

The music is Pop mixed with some Electric. The pace of the song is slow, even burdensome, which reflects the mood. The beat, however, increases in tempo to represent the anxiety. The piano playing in the background compliments the overall vibe of the tune Ghost.  At the end of the song, there’s an interesting “fade” effect.

Lee Ryan’s voice is husky and strategically hits the high notes at the right moment. He sings in sync with the music with incredible vocals and tempo. 

The lyrics have excellent freestyle poetry with a well-done rhyme sequence. The sentence “See I’m a ghost right now” repeats quite a few times to emphasize the intense emotions felt in this song. The words are from the heart and genuine. The quality of the lyrics is fantastic. There’s also a use of metaphors and similes to represent the feelings felt by the man in this song.

 The single Ghost is now available.

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