Single Saturdays: Heartstreets – Good Thing (Revisited)

Canadian duo Heartstreets has released a revisited version of the song Good Things. The story is about appreciating the best in life, hence the titled Good Things. 

The music is a mix of R&B with Soul. The song has a slower beat than the one on the album Why Makes Senses. The sound is soothing and relaxing, as well as reflective. I enjoy the “Road Trip” vibe of this single, especially during the Summer or Fall seasons. Ryan Playground, a Canadian artist, produced this version of Good Things.

Emma Beko and Gab Godon’s voices compliment each other nicely. Gab Godon’s voice hit the high notes while sounding mellow and whisper life. Emma Beko, on the other hand, has a deeper voice but also sounds calm. They have a new vocal style that gives this song a different life, but just as fantastic as the other version.

The single Good Thing (Revisited) is now available. 

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