Single Saturdays: Eliane – For You

Swiss Popstar Eliane has a news single entitle For You. It’s a love song about a woman thanking her significant other for the love and affection given to her. Eliane Müller, Kristiina Wheeler, Erik Nyholm wrote and composed the song. 

The music is Pop, Swiss style. The piano in the background gives the song a romantic vibe. I can imagine this playing at weddings as a choice for a slow dance. The composition is smooth and well-structured. The beginning of the song sounds like a lovely dream sequence seen in romantic films. The tempo goes up for a few beats then slows down smoothly. The music complements the song wonderfully.

Eliane’s voice is silvery and beautiful, as always. She sounds like she’s performing at a symphony concert. She captures the feeling of being in love and the appreciation for her significant other. 

The lyrics are flowy and poetic, describing in detail love and hope, as well as reassurance that all is well. There are sweet metaphors in this song, including “the beat to my song” and “right track.” Both of which describe love and hope for the relationship. The words are genuine and loving, full of life and soul. The romantic feeling is apparent in this song. Great work!

The single For You is now available. 

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