Nerija’s Latest Album Blume

British Jazz band Nérija has released a new album entitled Blume. It’s a musical record that covers different themes, such as love and heartbreak. The band members are Sheila Maurice-Grey (Trumpet), Rosie Turton (Trombone), Cassie Kinoshi (Alto Sax), Nubya Garcia (Tenor Sax), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Rio Kai (double bass), and Lizy Exell (Drums). 

The musical genre is Jazz. The style parallels to that of traditional Jazz music, originating from the late 19th Century. The beat of the album is calm and soothing. The combination of the trumpet, trombone, guitar, double bass, and the drums is fantastic! Bravo to this all-woman group.

          Nascence reminds me of the score of old movies from the 1960s and 1970s, especially the slow-action films or dramas. The songs with a romantic feel to it are  Riverfest,  Last Straw, Partner Girlfriend Love, Blume, Equanimous, Swift, and Blume II. The song Unbound covers freedom. EU (Emotionally Unavailable) tells a story about confusion and uncertainty. It’s impressive the composition of all these songs. It ranges from a slow rhythm to a fast-pace. 

The album Blume is now available.

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