Single Saturdays: Najwa Karam – Baasha Tafasilak

Lebanese Popstar Najwa Karam has a new single entitled Baasha Tafasilak (I like your explanations)*. The story about a woman who loves hearing the reasons her significant other gives her why he cares about her.

The music is Arabic Pop, mixed with Folk and Darbakeh. Adel Al-Iraqi composed the song. Darbakeh, drums, and some tambourine, classic Middle Eastern instruments, have a presence in this tune. The mix of old and new is fantastic -with parts that remind me of songs by the late Lebanese artist Sabah. There’s also a combination of fast and slow beats at specific moments that gives a musical flavour to the song.   

Najwa Karam’s voice is rhythmic, silvery and husky. She knows how to switch tempos in her vocal styles. She sounds both modern and classic in her singing. 

Ahmad Al-Mady wrote the lyrics of  Baasha Tafasilak. There’s a repetition of the verses, a typical poetic style in modern Arabic music, to express the feeling of love. The rhyme structure is AABB. The words are simple but have a sincere, romantic feel to them, as well as genuine and vibrant with emotion. The flow of the lyrics is natural and easy to follow.

The single  Baasha Tafasilak is now available.

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