Single Saturdays: BBMAK – So Far Away

English boy band BBMAK has released a new single entitled So Far Away. The story that the song tells is how a breakup leads to soul-searching and asking oneself what went wrong (which one can’t always find the answers).

The music for the song So Far Away is Brit Pop. The composition is rhythmic and soothing with a slow beat, featuring fast tempo at times. The sound of the tune complements the lyrics. At the end of the song, there’s an incredible end where the music fades away. The structure of the melody is impressive.

The members’ voices complement each nicely. All of them sing softly with a whisper-like effect. They all follow the rhythm correctly and sing in sync with one another.

The lyrics of So Far Away have raw emotions to them, which express the heartache that one feels from a relationship that ended. The question one asks after a breakup are likely to go unanswered. This type of situation is something to which one can relate. The words of this song express the confusion and heartache clearly.

The single So Far Away is now available.

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