Single Saturdays: Eliane-This Time

Swiss singer Eliane (or Eliane Müller) has new single out entitled This Time. The song tells the story of a woman who gives a failed relationship a second chance.

The music genre for this single is pop. Eliane composed the song along with Andrew Tyle. The instrument that gives the lovely sound to the tune is the piano. The rhythm is slow and steady, which reflects the mood of the song perfectly.

Eliane’s voice is soft and sweet. She sings with a tremendous vocal rhythm, full of grace and innocence. She sounds hopeful for her relationship to work out with perseverance and determination.

Eliane Müller and Andrew Tyler also wrote the lyrics to This Time. There’s lovely and romantic poetry to this song as well as a sense of hope when Eliane sings “Maybe this time. Maybe This Time.” She’s demonstrating her determination that she won’t give up on the relationship, no matter what. The words are well-written.

The single This Time is now available.

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