Single Saturdays: Ben Adams & Ulrikke -Shallow

Ben Adams and Ulrikke have released their cover of the song Shallow from the movie A Star Is Born. It talks about a love story that inspires hope in others of an ideal relationship.

The music genre of the tune is pop. The beat of this version of Shallow is slightly different from the 2018 film. Like the movie version of Shallow, the instrument heard in the song. The beat is slow and romantically rhythmic. The composition is well-structured.

Ben Adams and Ulrikke’s voices complement each other well. Ben Adams sings with a high register with a smooth rhythm. Ulrikke, on the other hand, sings with a lower tone but increases in the chorus. The contrast in their voices gives the song an edge to it. They follow the rhythm of the tune with their style, in comparison to the version from the 2018 film.

The single Shallow performed by Ben Adams and Ulrikke is now available.

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