Emma King’s Latest EP The Sun and The Blues

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

British singer Emma King has released a new EP entitled The Sun and The Blues. The overall themes of this EP are relationship blues and resilience.

The music of this record is Contemporary Blues with a Country twist. It’s a lovely musical mix with a fantastic composition in every song. Hearing the guitar in live performances gives the EP a lovely musical flavour. The beat reminds me of the 1950s Rock, even the works of the late Elvis Presley. The sound quality of the EP is incredible as if recorded in a studio.

Emma King’s voice is soft and sweet, with moments where she hits the high notes. She sings the blues with perfection and confidence. She sounds just as incredible performing live as she does in anything recorded.

The lyrics have a sense of hope through the difficult times of the blues, following a breakup. The words are simple, yet convey the sentiment poetically described in each song. There’s a use of repetition in to emphasize the determination to overcome the blues. The lyrics just like the music parallel to the sounds of the 1950s rock and roll. Impressive!

The EP, The Sun and The Blues, is now available.

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