Chad Brownlee’s Latest Album Back in the Game

Canadian singer Chad Brownlee has released a new album entitled Back In The Game. The overall themes are Love, Breakup, Hope and Soul Searching.

The genre for the album is Country music. The main instrument is the guitar. The songs have mostly a slow beat with bits that have a faster tempo. The music complements the lyrics nicely. The composition is well-structured and adds to the story-telling component of the songs. The rhythm is flawless, as well as genuine and relaxing.

Chad Brownlee’s voice is husky, and he also can hit the high notes at just the right moments in his songs. He sings with grace and style. He knows how to capture the emotions, either love, heartbreak or resilience to love again.

The lyrics of each song have raw emotions, no embellishment, and from the heart. There’s a freestyle writing to words of each tune, yet it’s nicely structured. The songs Back in the Game and My Revival focus on resilience following a breakup. While Bourbon, Dear Drunk Me and Bourbon cover the subject of heartbreak with detail. The most romantic songs are The Way You Roll, This Old Guitar, and Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere. This album covers different stages of life regarding the topic of relationships. It shows that no matter how painful a breakup is, one can bounce back. Don’t lose hope.

The album Back in the Game is now available.

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