Will Young’s Latest Album Lexicon

British singer Will Young has released a new album entitled Lexicon. The overall themes of this album are love and the journey through life.

The music is Pop mixed with other genres such as dance and techno that remind me of the music I listened in the early 2000s. Most of the songs have a beat that’s a mix of fast and slow. An example of this kind of rhythm is the tune, My Love. Some songs even have a romantic feel to them. It reminds me Brit Pop from the 90s and 2000s. There’s one song – Scars- that reminds me of Elvis Presley’s Fools Rush In from the early 60s with a contemporary twist.

Will Young’s voice is dynamic and flexible. At times he sounds deep and husky while other times, he can hit the high notes. His vocal style parallels to those of David Bowie and the Bee Gees. His voice is unforgettable and genuine.

The lyrics of Will Young’s songs cover a variety of themes, including love and the journey through life, as previously mentioned. There’s poetry in words, some of which written by Will Young. The lyrics allow the listeners to use their imagination because of the detailed description of the subject(s). Heartbreak is also a topic covered in this album. The song I Bet You Call is an example; it tells the story of a guy whose love interest is still hung up on an ex. However, he is showing patience because getting over someone is not something that happens overnight. There’s a lovely variety of subjects. The lyrical structure of the song is well-done.

My favourite songs are My Love, I Bet You Call, Scars, Forever, Freedom, and Dreaming Big.

The album Lexicon is now available.

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