Single Saturdays: Santana & Rob Thomas Smooth-20th Anniversary

June 29, 2019, marks the 20th anniversary of the single Smooth performed by Santana and Rob Thomas. This song played everywhere and the video aired on TV. I remember those times.

It’s Rock mixed with some Latin music- what an exciting combination. One can feel like dancing Salsa while listening to it. Carlos Santana plays the guitar incredibly. It has a Summer vibe, which makes sense, giving the timing. The rhythm is excellent.

Rob Thomas has an incredible husky voice. He follows the rhythm flawlessly. He Knows how to adapt to the beat. Rob Thomas has an edgy attitude to his vocal style.

The lyrics are of Smooth are intricate in describing the intense emotion of love. The guy in the song tells his perspective on the situation how he doesn’t want to mess around. He’s saying to the girl to be straightforward about her feelings. The poetic structure is impressive in this song. At times it has the AABB composition and other times, it’s a freestyle. It’s a fantastic song!
Enjoy the blast from the past.

Enjoy the blast from the past!

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