Throwback Thursdays: Ed Sheeran “X” Album- 5th Anniversary

June 20, 2019, marks the fifth Anniversary of Ed Sheeran’s album “X.” The record has personal stories as well as the classic themes of Love and heartbreak. There are different versions of this album; there’s the Wembley edition and the deluxe edition. The Wembley Edition has few more songs than the regular version, as well as live performances.

The music is an incredible mix of Pop, Rap, and R&B. The songs of both editions have an incredible and rhythmic composition. There are multiple instruments heard in these albums, including guitar and piano. The sound quality of the live performances is fantastic on the Wembley Edition.

Ed Sheeran’s voice is phenomenal in these records. He knows how to adjust the register of his voice as well as to adapt to the tempo. He knows how to go from Pop to Rap to Rock in his vocal styles. Some songs Ed Sheeran sounds softly spoken and romantic while other times his voice hits the high notes.

The lyrics have a personal touch to them as it’s the case with Ed Sheeran’s songs. Many of them tell stories of a variety of life experiences: past relationships (romantic or heartbreaking), family situations, etc. Photograph and Thinking Out Loud are love songs from the relationships he had at the time. The tunes Nina and Don’t deal with heartbreak. Afire Love is an example of a very personal song. It’s about life before the passing of his grandfather. In the Wembley Edition of the “X” Album, there’s the song Small Bump- Live at Wembley Station that tells the story of his friend who had a miscarriage. Ed Sheeran says personal and genuine stories, which is what makes this album authentic.

My favourite songs from this album are Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, Afire Love and Tenerife Sea.

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