First Album Fridays: Léa Jarry – Entre Temps EP

Canadian singer Léa Jarry has released a new EP entitled Entre Temps (In the meantime). The overall themes are self-reflection, love, and story-telling. There are four songs on this lovely EP.

The music is a mix of Country and Pop. The main instrument heard throughout the EP is the guitar. The songs on this record have a slow and calm beat to them. There’s both the Summer and Road Trip vibes. Léa Jarry’s EP reminds me of the music by Sab et Steph, as well as Laurence St-Martin with some Shania Twain.

Léa Jarry’s voice is soft and sweet. When she sings, she has a “Girl Next Door” vibe, making this EP genuine and authentic.

The lyrics make references to where she’s from, which is the town of Baie-St-Paul. There’s self-reflection in Léa Jarry’s songs regarding relationships, and life (i.e. discovering who one is). The words are simple yet beautiful. The song 29 Saint-Adolphe refers to the street where she grew up in Baie-Saint-Paul. Trop D’Hivers (Too Many Winters) is a metaphor for life’s difficulties, including relationship challenges. However, there’s hope in this tune where she feels she can get through with support from her significant other. C’est Mon Tour (It’s My Turn) is about having one’s time to shine after a lot of hard work. La Ligne D’Arrivée (The Finish One) is about attending one’s goal after overcoming obstacles (whatever they may be), especially in regards to love and commitment. This album is personal and genuine. I love the poetry of the lyrics.

The EP Entre Temps is now available.

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