Aladdin 2019 – Music & Movie

I recently saw the movie Aladdin, and it was incredible! I loved as much as the 1992 version. The references to the Middle Eastern cultures have even better precision. I enjoyed the musical numbers even more with the visual effects of the movie. The film gave the songs more depth to them.

The actors, including the main starts, did their singing in the movie. Will Smith brought flavour to Aladdin with his RAP singing. Naomi Scott’s performance of Speechless in two separate scenes was impressive. She sang with passion and conviction. The song Speechless is new to the soundtrack of Aladdin. Mena Massoud also sang wonderfully in the movie. The duet of Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott was beautiful singing A Whole New World. They had excellent on-screen chemistry. When I was watching the “A Whole New World” sequence, I remembered the excerpt from the cartoon version. I went down memory lane when hearing the songs as well as appreciate the new releases.

The score by Alan Menken remained the same but has a timelessness to it. The new music of the movie complimented it quite nicely.

The choreography for the musical sequences was incredible and well-done. I enjoyed the dancing, which was a lovely mix of East meets West.
The visual composition of those musical sequences was impressive.

My favourite scenes were the Speechless clips, A Whole New World, and Prince Ali.

I enjoyed the live-action movie very much. I recommend it to everyone.

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