Single Saturdays: Lili-Ann de Francesco – Aura

Canadian singer Lili-Ann De Francesco has released a new single entitled Aura. It’s a love song that tells the story of a woman whose lover has an aura that makes her safe and reassured.

The music has a calming and soothing rhythm that reminds me of meditation. It’s mainly slow with some parts where the beat is faster. The musical genre is French Pop mixed with EDM (electronic dance music). Listening to this song inspires me to go to a spa. Lili-Ann De Francesco, John Nathaniel and Mariane Cossette-Bacon composed this great tune.

Lili-Ann De Francesco’s voice is beautiful and soft, even silky. She sounds like she’s whispering in certain parts of the song. The way she sings is romantic and sweet. Her voice is innocent, with a touch to it that’s genuine.

The lyrics have a whimsical feel to them. The title aura is a metaphor describing the one she loves as someone a protective shield. Lili-Ann De Francesco describes in the song how she feels safe when her beloved is around. The words are quite descriptive and allow one to use the imagination extensively. Lili-Ann De Francesco, John Nathaniel and Mariane Cossette-Bacon also wrote the song Aura.

The single Aura is now available.

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