Single Saturdays : Assi El Hallani -Edhaki

Lebanese singer Assi El Hallani has released a new single entitled Edhaki (Smile). It’s a love song that describes the woman he loves whose smile is beautiful and warm like the sun and has a positive effect on the world (and the flowers as mentioned in the song).

The music is Arabic Pop mixed with traditional Dabkeh sound. The darbakeh and the guitar have a presence in tune. Ali Hassoun composed Edhaki. The composition is structured and rhythmic. I can imagine hearing this song at weddings when the guests go on the dance floor. The music has a catchy beat to it.

Assi El Hallani’s voice is deep, soft and cheerful. He sounds flowy and bold throughout the song, as well as romantic. He sings with passion and enthusiasm that it seems genuine.

The lyrics have a fantastic poetic structure with two rhyme compositions in the song. Amer Lawand wrote the song Edhaki. The first verse is AABB, and the second verse is ABBA. There are beautiful metaphors in the song: the sun and the flowers. The sun represents warmth and comfort. The woman’s smile is like the sun which flowers need. The flowers in context are a symbol of beauty, love, and romance. There’s an interesting use of repetition. There are two verses that he repeats to emphasize how the woman’s smile has an impact on the world. It’s a tune that is full of kindness and musical richness.

The single Edhaki is now available.

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