Soundtrack Saturdays: Rocketman

The movie Rocketman is out in theatres as well as its soundtrack! The music is fantastic on this album. The songs are Elton John’s classic hits performed by British actor Taron Egerton, along with other singers/actors.

There is a combination of the original music with a contemporary twist. Since the soundtrack takes from Elton John’s best hits, there is a sense of nostalgia. Elton John has music that is transgenerational. His music played at my home. It’s easy to recognize the songs because of the original composition has a presence throughout the soundtrack. It makes me want to get up and dance. I can imagine even more so when I watch the movie.

Taron Egerton does a beautiful job singing in this soundtrack. He sounds like Elton John that at times, I could easily forget it’s the actor performing. However, when you listen carefully, you can tell it’s Taron Egerton. He gives the musical performances his own touch.
There are duets in this movie album. The actors and actresses with whom Taron Egerton sings; they also do a beautiful job performing the classic hits. I especially enjoyed Don’t Go Breaking My Heart where Taron Egerton sings with Rachel Muldoon. It’s one of my favourite songs, along with Rocketman and I’m Still Standing.

The soundtrack for Rocketman is now available. Enjoy the music!

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