Corey Hart & Alan Doyle’s Cover of Sonny’s Dream

Canadian singers Corey Hart and Alan Doyle have performed a cover a Newfoundland Folk song entitled Sonny’s Dream by the late Ron Hynes. It’s about a young man whose father is in the navy while he’s helping his mother work on the farm. The song is an incredible cover of Sonny’s Dream. It’s a mix of old and new.

The music of the song Sonny’s Dream is Folk like the original version. However, the musical tempo is different from the original tune by the late Ron Hynes. There’s the presence of the guitar and the banjo — the classic choices of instruments for Folk music.

Corey Hart and Alan Doyle sing well together. There’s a contrast of vocal styles. Corey Hart’s voice is soft and high, whereas Alan Doyle’s voice is deep and husky. Alan Doyle has a Newfie style of singing that’s similar to Ron Hynes in hitting the notes.

The single Sonny’s Dreams is now available.

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