Olivier Dion’s Latest Album Exposed

Canadian singer Olivier Dion has released a new album entitled Exposed. It’s an album that covers love and heartbreak as its primary topics.

The music is pop with some musical beats similar to rap or R&B. There’s a shift in musical style since Oliver Dion’s first album five years ago (Oliver Dion). The rhythm of each song matches the mood it’s conveying (i.e. joy, sadness, heartbreak, etc.). The instruments heard in the album are piano and guitar. Some songs have a faster beat; for example, Curious. Other songs have a slower sound like Kinda Love and Cold Winter, for example. The overall musical structure of the album is fantastic.

Olivier Dion’s voice has evolved in these last five years, even matured. He sounds wiser and even more confident. When he sings the high notes incredibly, which has BeeGees feel to it. He captures emotion with perfection.

The lyrics of each song have a profound meaning to them. Some songs are in English, in French or both. It’s impressive the smooth switch from English to French and vice-versa. The poetry is rich in emotion, which makes this record authentic. Some songs even have a remarkable freestyle structure to them. The words may be simplistic, but they have a depth to them. There’s authenticity in the lyrics, making them genuine.

The album Exposed is now available.

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