Single Saturdays-Silverdrive 35’s Latest Single: Sleepwalking

Silverdrive 35 has released a new single entitled Sleepwalking. The story is about a man dealing with a loss of a loved one. He sees the girl he loved in his dreams and wishes he could stay dreaming because the reality is hard to handle.

The music in Sleepwalking is incredible, especially the banjo in the background. The banjo is a detail that gives the song the Country music feel. The echo of the lyrics creates an effect of heaviness, because of the feeling of sadness. The tone of their voices has variety and depth, which compliments the song very well.

Sleepwalking is a metaphor to demonstrate the struggle and confusion while coming to terms with losing a life partner. It’s the sentiment of living in an alternate reality that is preferable than the real world. The dream is a significant component of the song. It’s where he sees his significant other in a beautiful dream. He doesn’t want to go back to a life without his love. When losing a loved one, reality can seem confusing and impossible, at times. He even thinks he hears the voice of his lover, which can happen when in mourning. The part about getting the phone call from the girl’s father implies that something has happened. There’s that moment when he wishes that it wasn’t real, but a nightmare. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a sentiment that is relatable. One can feel the emotions of sadness and grief, even pain.

This subject matter is different from their other songs that talk about a break-up or going down memory lane, remembering good old simple days. The subject of losing a loved one is new and original.

Keep up the good work!


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