Single Saturdays: Robby Johnson’s Latest Single Au Bout de Nos Doigts (Alone Tonight)

Robby Johnson has released a new bilingual single entitled Au Bout de Nos Doigts (Alone Tonight). A bilingual song is a unique style for the Canadian artist. Robby Johnson & French singer Corneille wrote the lyrics.

The story of the song is about overwhelmed people feel with social media. It can make one forget about what’s important in life. Social media can be a way to connect with others, but not the only way. Seeing how many followers we have or waiting for a post to get likes shouldn’t be the only thing on our minds. It can be addictive and even an obsession, which is my understanding of the song.

The music is a mix of Country and Pop, which makes this song even more interesting. The sound of the guitar blends smoothly in the background. Robby Johnson’s voice is soft and low, which is unique in comparison to his other singles. Majority of the song is in French, with some parts in English. His singing in French & English is impressive. The lyrics are well-written with a smooth flow from French to English.

There are talks of a French album for Robby Johnson. I look forward to it!


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