Two New Songs for Bastian Baker!

Swiss Pop Star Bastian Baker has two new singles released entitle All Around US & Love On Fire. Both singles are now available on Spotify Canada, iTunes & other streaming sites.

The music has an incredible variety of tempos for both songs. It starts slows then goes a bit faster, then back to slow again. That is also the case for Bastian Baker’s voice. It is incredible and has more depth since the Tomorrow May Not Be Better Album. The music genre for both All Around US & Love On Fire is Alternative-Indie Rock, an impressive contrast to his usual pop style music.

All Around Us is about how love is present everywhere. It’s a song that gives hope, especially when feeling in doubt or sadness. The use of metaphor provides the tune with substance, which was the symbol of the cage to show people feel trapped by doubt that love exists. There’s a sense of unity and hope in the song. The chorus is especially uplifting to one’s spirit. The beat when Bastian Baker sings the chorus reminds me of some of the dance songs in the early 2000s. It makes it grand, which gives the impression of how love is genuinely present around us.

Love on Fire is romantic and sweet. The song is about a guy who genuinely loves his significant other. However, he also realizes how relationships have their up and downs. His description of what he sees in a room is detailed. He gets romantic when he talks about the sparkle in his lover’s eye. Then the chorus has a fast pace tempo, whereas the verses are slower-paced. The guitar in the background compliments Bastian Baker’s voice. I love how Love on Fire is relatable the way he describes his relationship. His spoken word in the third verse is expressive, and it gives the song a nice touch.

It’s impressive how Bastian Baker has evolved as an artist. I look forward to his next album, for which the date of release isn’t known. I usually pick a favourite song, but this time I like them both.


Updated: August 3, 2018


Acoustic performance of the song Love on Fire


Updated: July 4, 2018

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