Silverdrive 35’s Latest Single “Those Days”

Silverdrive 35 has released another single! Their latest song is entitled Those Days. It’s an incredible song! They have so much potential.

This song is about remembering a time that seemed simpler.  There’s a classic country feel to it especially when it comes to  talking about falling in love and chilling with friends. It’s got a nostalgic feel that is part of the country charm. There’s even a sense of adventure, more specifically I think of going on a road trip I imagine being outdoors by the lake, enjoying the fresh air.

Their voices are amazing! The music has great tempo, as well as amazing composition. It’s catchy and puts a smile on your face.  It’s fun hearing conversation within the song, which was done in a clever way. There’s simplicity to the song, which works very well with the theme of simpler times.

Bravo to Silverdrive 35! Keep up the work guys!

Can’t wait to hear your album. 🙂


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