A Year Ago Today We Lost David Bowie- A Music Legend


A year ago today,  British singer David Bowie passed away in his home in New York. He had passed away two days after the release of his last album Blackstar. Although I am only familiar with some of his songs, I have understood the profound impact he had on the music industry. He was an artist who could can from one music genre to another. He even created a variety of alter egos such as Ziggy Stardust.  He even challenged gender stereotypes with his alter egos.

He leaves behind an incredible legacy  for the music. He influenced the music world  since he release his singles Space Oddity in 1969, which was the beginning of an incredible career as an artist.

Bowie wasn’t only known as a singer, he was also a actor. He was known for films such as The Man Who Fell On Earth, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and Labyrinth.  The last film he did was in 2008 entitle August. I’ve only seen the film Labyrinth, which was interesting. The role of jareth the Goblin King  was made for Bowie. I can’t imagine anyone else playing this iconic role.

My favourite songs from the late David Bowie are Space Oddity, Under Pressure, Heroes, Let’s Dance, Modern Love and Suffragette City. 

Rest in Peace David Bowie. You will be forever missed







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