RIP Whitney Houston: 5 Years Since Her Passing


It’s been five years since Whitney Houston passed away February 11, 2012.  Her big music hits include I Wanna Dance with Somebody, How Will I Know?, I Will always Love You, and Could I Have This Kiss Forever (featuring Enrique Iglesias).

Whitney Houston contributed to R&B music, as well as Pop music. Her voice was so strong and powerful, it was distinct from many artists of her time.  I admit I didn’t listen to her music extensively. I did however, have a few favourites songs I liked from the late  Whitney Houston. My favourite songs were  I’m Every Woman, How Will I Know?, I Will Always Love You, and It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.

Her songs were catchy and more importantly, memorable. There’s a remake of the song I Wanna Dance with Somebody. It’s a different style of music, but it’s still a nice homage to the singer. She also had a song with the late George Michael entitled If I Told You That, that I hadn’t heard. Two musical styles combined in an interesting way. Sadly both artists left us. Music won’t be the same without them both. What’s interesting is that her version of I Will Always Love You  be more popular than Dolly Parton’s version, which is just as amazing.

Whitney Houston had incredible music and an overall fantastic musical career. Her music lives on. She leaves behind an incredible legacy.

Rest in peace Whitney Houston.

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