Single Saturdays – Nassif Zeytoun – Bel AhlamSingle Saturdays –

Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun has released a new single entitled Bel Alham (in dreams). The song is a love story of a man who falls in love and realizes it’s real, not a dream or an illusion. Nabil Khoury wrote and composed the tune.

The music is remarkable in its combination of musical styles – Classical Arabic and modern Pop. The genre is Arabic Pop. It consists of a soothing ballad. The guitar and the piano in the background complement the song’s story nicely. The flute adds a romantic touch. Nabil Khoury did an incredible job with the composition, having the right consistency in the rhythm with a great smooth flow. 

Nassif Zeytoun’s voice is incredible. He sings with great precision in sync with the music. He performed this song from the heart. 

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The song’s verses are poetic, describing in detail a developing love, a heartfelt story. The chorus has a lovely simplicity explaining how this kind of love feels like something one only sees in dreams. There’s much beauty in the tune’s words. The rhyming style is a fantastic combination of AABB and freestyle writing. The flow of the song is smooth and easy to follow. Nabil Khoury has a way with words with a perfect description of emotions; a little goes a long way approach.

The single Bel Ahlam is available.

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