Single Saturdays: Iwan – Ana M’agiz

Lebanese singer Iwan has released a new single entitled Ana M’agiz (I’m a renter or visitor). The song is a touching and beautiful love story, which is new and exciting.

The music is Arabic Pop, with techno and dance beats- it has a 90s vibe. The song has a catchy sound. Ahmed Elbrazilly composed the single with a fantastic composition. The musical style of the tune parallels Shouq wa Haneen (Passion and tenderness) and Faker (I’m Remembering), two singles by the late Amer Mounib. The song’s structure is fantastic, combining a mix of Middle Eastern and Dance styles. The musicians play an excellent Jazz beat at the end that gives the tune a lovely musical touch. The combination of musical styles is well-structured.

Iwan’s voice is rhythmic and incredible. He sings with heart and soul. He performs passionately- he sounds happy and excited over this new love.

Ahmed Samy wrote the song. The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The simplicity of tune, using short paragraphs, is an exciting choice and helps it flow naturally. The words are well-written, with fantastic freestyle writing, including rhyming styles with one sound (AAAB, for example). The love felt by the subject seems genuine. The sense of adventure is incredible and palpable. There is so much depth in the lyrics. Ana M’agiz is a heartfelt song full of love and hope.

The single Ana M’agiz is available. 

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