Single Saturdays: Marie-Mai – Je Décolle

French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai has released a new single entitled Je Décolle (I’m starting). The story is about a woman who develops the courage overcome her fear and doubt she previously felt.

The music is a combination of the following genres: Pop and Dance. The beat of the song has an intensity that compliments the lyrics. The rhythm of the music has a stop and go effect during the chorus that’s incredible. The song ends with the sound of the violin fading into the background.

The lyrics are words of empowerment, which is an inspiration for a woman who seeks freedom and the courage to let go of her past. There’s a sense of strength and independence. These qualities shine through and prove to wrong those never to doubt a strong woman.

Marie-Mai’s voice has evolved over the years, especially since Star Académie. Her voice is richer in sound and stronger than ever. She always impresses me with every song she sings.
I look forward to her next album, coming this Fall.


Single Saturdays: Michaël-Donnons-Nous La Peine

French-Canadian singer Michaël has released a single entitled Donnons-Nous La Peine (Let’s Gives Us a Chance). The story is about a man whose relationship is going through difficult times, and he’s uncertain of what to do.

The music is slow and subtle. Marc Dupre composed the song, Donnons-Nous La Peine. It reminds me of the soothing sounds of meditation melodies that I listened to from time to time, especially a rainforest. Michaël’s music is similar to that of Marc Dupre and Nicola Ciccone.

Michaël’s voice is smooth and soft. His style of singing reminds of Marc Dupre. An example of a tune by Marc Dupre is “Song.” When Michaël sings the verses of the song, it touches like a spoken word. The chorus, however, his voice is louder, and with intensity and passion.

The lyrics have a rich vocabulary, notably in French songs. They describe the struggles of a relationship, but there is still a sense of hope. There’s use of metaphors and similes. For example, he tells his significant other, if she stays, he gets out of his desert (first verse). Another example is how without his lover, it feels like war but reuniting with her is like a peace treaty. The description of these metaphors and similes is incredible.

Donnons-Nous La Peine is a marvellous poetic song by Michaël.

Single Saturdays: L’Isle & D R M S “La Vague”

Canadian singer L’isle has released a new single “La Vague” (The Wave) in a duet with DRMS. L’isle is the new artist name for Ariane Brunet. “La Vague” is a metaphor to describe the intensity of love.

The story is about a couple overcoming the obstacles that they face in their relationship. Sometimes, the barriers are within us, which is the case in the second verse. True love can handle anything that comes its way.
The chorus consists of a sentence repeated four times, which gives it an interesting poetic effect. The ocean is significant because it’s vast, just like the endless amount of possibilities.

The music has a well-done dance beat, and one can hear it anywhere, anytime. That is rare for me to say. It can work for DJs also. L’isle’s voice is soft and consistent. Her singing has rap-like rhythm or even sounds like people who recite poems at a club. The musical style of this song is a step in a different direction from L’isle’s previous material. I look forward to hearing more of this new beat in the future.

Single Saturdays: Wilfred Le Bouthillier “J’attendrai”

Wilfred Le Bouthillier has released a new single entitled “J’attendrai” (I will wait for you). It’s his first single for his album coming out this Fall. It’s a poetic song about a man waiting for his love to come home.

Wilfred Le Bouthillier uses figurative language to describe how he feels. He compares love to a burning feeling inside. His soul and skin are on fire, figuratively. He explains how he’d like for the flame of desire to continue burning. He also uses metaphors such as a reference to being the wind that will be a guide for his significant other in their journey. The lyrics have a lovely and smooth rhythm. The same thing applies to the music. Love is a journey, which is a theme in this song.

The music reminds me of his 2013 album entitled “Je Poursuis Ma Route” ( I follow the road). It’s a mix of folk & pop. The guitar/banjo in the background compliments the song nicely. One can hear this tune that can while on a road trip. His voice is in sync with the music.

Wilfred Le Bouthillier’s voice is harmonious and smooth. Incredible as always!

Mirage- Song About Autism Awareness

Today marks the day to raise awareness about autism. A touching song entitled Mirage performed by Yann Perreau, Patrice Michaud, and Emmanuel Bilodeau in French.

This song shows how everyone deserves and needs to be loved. It has a poetic feel to it, as well as tenderness. It’s essential to treat Autistic children with respect and dignity, which they deserve.

Bravo to the three men who sang this song from their hearts.

To donate, text BENJAMIN to 45678.

Let’s end the stigma of Autism NOW!

Flashback Fridays-Tribute to France Gall


January 7, 2018, French Music Icon France Gall passed away this week at the age of 70. She rose to fame in the 60s & 70s.
Her most famous hits include “Ella elle l’a”.

Her music had an impact on French pop culture. She won the  Eurovision contest in 1965. That was the start of an incredible career. Although, I didn’t know much of her music. I realize the significance of her musical talent and she leaves behind an amazing legacy.

Rest in Peace France Gall.

Celine Dion “Encore Un Soir”

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Pop
Experience: 1980-Present

Celine Dion’s latest album Encore Un Soir  is amazing!  It’s an album filled with optimism and hope. I have listened to the deluxe edition and it’s incredible. The bonus tracks are

The composition of the music is incredible. The melodies are beautiful and rhythmic. There’s a variety of musical styles and tempos. Celine Dion’s voice compliments the music very well. The overall tempo in the album is slow pace.  Les yeux au ciel and A vous  have a faster tempo, giving it an interesting dynamic.

The lyrics are poetic and have lovely rhythm to them. The first example is “Si c’était à refaire” is an emotional song that’s really touching. Ordinaire is sentimental and filled with raw emotion. It’s not a sad album at all. It’s filled with emotion, but there’s a sense of hope and optimism. Encore Un Soir is a bittersweet song, because it was the first single since the passing of her late husband Rene Angelil. A la plus haute branche is also a song that’s bittersweet. There’s a sense of searching oneself, but also hope to continue living life to the fullest, so L’étoile. Trois Heures Vingt I like because of how it has the feel of the 90s music.  Her most optimistic songs are My Faille, Les Yeux au Ciel,  Le Bonheur en face, Ma force,  Je nous veux, and Plus qu’ailleurs.

My favourite songs are Encore Un Soir,  L’étoile, Je nous veux, Les yeux au ciel, Trois Heures Vingt

Maxime McGraw’s Latest Single On n’y peut rien

Genre: Pop/Folk
Country: Canada

Maxime McGraw’s latest single “On n’y peut rien” (There’s nothing we can do)  is a song about life in general. It talks about the challenges and struggles people face everyday

Maxime McGraw’s voice is deep, smooth and distinctive. It’s also consistent. The music is also very smooth. There’s a folkloric beat that I really enjoy. There’s the feel of Acadie (Acadia, a region in New Brunswick) in it. That’s my point of view. 😉 The music fading towards the end is well done.  The tempo increases at gradual rate, which allows the listener to appreciate the song even more.

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t sure what it was about. When I read the lyrics, I had a better understand of what the lyrics meant. It talks about the general struggles of life.  However, there is hope and resilience, despite the hardships people face. Whatever is meant to be will happen and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s a song of self-reflection.  I really appreciated this song after I understood the lyrics.

Elisa Tovati’s Single “Take Me Far Away” (Me and My Robot)

Genre: Pop,
Country: France

Elisa Tovati has released a new single entitled “Take me Far Away” that has a summer feel, which is much needed. To Canadian readers, you may have heard of Elisa Tovati, when she sang a duet with Canadian and Acadian singer Wilfred LeBouthillier the song “Tu es Tout” (You are everything). I’ve heard her music. She always has the sense of mystery to her songs. The interpretation is up to you.

This song is in French, but the chorus is in English, which isn’t done often. The use of French and English is done smoothly.  The oriental music is interesting, and compliments the pop music of this song. It also reminds of the meditation music I like to listen to when I need to recharge my batteries, especially the music heard in spas. Her soft voice compliments this feeling very nicely. She sounds calm and ready to get away.

This song gives me the feeling of wanting to travel at the spur of a moment, to be spontaneous. This give the song a sense of adventure and romance. One wishes they could just pack up and travel, and even go off the grid.



Ariane Brunet’s Latest Album “Stella”

Country: Canada
Genre(s):Francophone Music, Pop, Jazz ( some)
Date of release: April 1, 2016

Ariane Brunet released her third album “Stella”. The mix of pop and jazz is well done. It’s not an easy combination.  It’s complimentary to the album “Fusée”, which came out in 2013. Her voice is beautiful and smooth, it goes beyond expectations. She pushes the envelope with her voice. Incredible!   

The music on the album is slow and reminds of lounge music. It’s an album one listens to at the end of a long day. There’s a jazz-like beat to most of the songs on this album. The music is amazing. The sound of drums is an interesting twist. Sometimes her voice is the music! That’s impressive. The song where that happen is “Si je reviens”. The lyrics take centre stage over the music. I noticed an electric beat that gives the song an interesting touch to it. This album’s songs have many music genres, yet they compliment each other and flow at a perfect rhythm.

“Y croire” has a bohemian/folk  sound to it, which is not something I’ve heard before in Ariane Brunet’s music. It’s an optimistic song that gives a sense of hope.

Lumiere has a nice dance beat that’s similar to the disco of the 70’s mixed with contemporary music. It’s also very romantic and fun.  Ta Parade also has jazz beat that also gets people dancing. These are main songs that have a dance beat to them.  Her other romantic songs are  “Fais-moi tourner encore”, “Nos chapeaux”, and “Avant”. “Temoin” tells a sweet story  a couple looking back at their relationship.  “Nos Chapeaux” is descriptive and tells a lovely story of a happy couple.

“Tu joues” and “Perdre goût” are songs related to heartbreak. In both songs, she expresses how she feels fed up and is ready to walk away from a bad relationship, which takes courage. “Ciel” is a sad story about a young woman who’s feeling heartbreak. It’s deep and beautifully written. Her sad songs are very touching  

My favourite songs in the album are: “Fais-moi tourner encore”, “Y Croire”, and “Nos Chapeaux”, “Lumiere”, “Ta parade”