Single Saturdays: Beyries – Du Temps

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Beyries released a new single, Du Temps (Some Time or Of Time). The song is about introspection and authenticity to oneself.

The music is French Pop. Beyries composed the song. She did an excellent job with the composition, changing tempos with precision and intricacy. The rhythm is beautiful and calming. It starts with a lovely cello and then smoothly incorporates the piano, which adds a Classical touch. The composition is rich. It inspires a meditation vibe. It changes tempo to a semi-fast rhythm that gives a road trip feel. It also suits the topics of life’s journey or a walk in nature. The beat boldly picks up towards the end, representing hope. The music is phenomenal, with a balanced combination of fast and slow.

Beyries’ voice is rich and husky. She sings soulfully and from the heart. She has a beautiful rhythm in her voice. She captures the emotions and the change in perspective.

The lyrics are profound. Maxime Le Flaguais wrote the song with heart and soul. It’s a beautiful train of thought, leading to a life-changing breakthrough – a shift in mindset. The message is an inspirational one of living in the present moment – to take nothing for granted. It feels like a protagonist’s monologue. The rhyme style is ABAB. The poetic structure is fantastic and flows naturally. The song promotes self-confidence and self-awareness spiritually and reflectively. There’s a beautiful simplicity, yet the words say so much, expressing various emotions during the change in perspective.

The single Du Temps is available. 

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