Matt Bunsen’s Fourth Album I Am Consumed

American singer Matt Bunsen released his fourth album entitled I Am Consumed. The themes are emotional baggage and storytelling.

The music is Americana. The blend of the guitar and the piano is incredible. The album has a Johnny Cash/Cat Stevens vibe with an old-school and nostalgic sound. There are fantastic compositions, and each one has catchy music. There’s an impressive, diverse combination of musical styles that’s rich and dynamic.
There are quite a few incredible ballads. The piece Orphic Flight parallels The Beatles’ 60s hit Ticket To Ride, Cat Stevens’s 70s single Wild World and Queen’s Don’t Try Suicide and Need Your Loving Tonight (both from the Game album). So Far Away is a touching song about love. It reminds me of Lionel Richie’s 80s single HelloThis Town has impressive bass & guitar parts. It parallels Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 90s hit Under The Bridge (during the chorus) and The Eagles’ 70s single Hotel California. It boldly has some semi-fast parts. The tune I Am Consumed has a guitar sound that parallels Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. These slow songs are smooth with well-structured compositions.
Other songs on the album have an upbeat sound. The Buddha Hoop has a 1950s Rock and roll style with a bold guitar sound. There’s also a Bob Dylan vibe. Rainy Day in Heaven parallels Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ duet Islands in the Stream. It’s cheerful with a romantic vibe. Long Ride Home has incredible guitar solo moments. The music is catchy. It parallels the Country music from the 70s. Melody Lee has a fun, dynamic beat. It has a 50s Jazz vibe combined with Country music. The song The 40 and a Half Bar Blues has a fantastic blend of Country, Blues and Jazz. It also reminds me of Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, but with an Americana music twist. It also has a musical style that parallels The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The piece The Fuse has a 70s-style Country beat. The rhythm has a roller-coaster pace in a balanced manner. It ends with an impressive drum solo that reminds me of Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor’s style. These upbeat pieces are dynamic.
The music on the album I Am Consumed is incredible, with a rich mix of musical styles, combining Americana with Folk, Country and some Rock.

Matt Bunsen’s voice is bold and edgy. His vocal style reminds me of Cat Stevens and Johnny Cash, an impressive combination. In the piece Rainy Day in Heaven, there’s a lovely duet. I admit I don’t know who’s the lady with whom Matt Bunsen is singing.* Matt Bunsen sings each song with panache.

The lyrics are personal and profound. Each song is rich in poetry and imagination, full of adventures, some with a road trip vibe or a personal journey. The variety of poetic styles is compelling. The subjects vary from introspection/contemplation to love and adventure.
Some songs are heartfelt and romantic. Rainy Day in Heaven is a hopeful piece through the idea that things will improve – a sense of hope. Melody Lee is a sweet love story full of nostalgia. It’s a celebration of true love, an inspirational song that gives hope that love is possible. The Fuse represents the wisdom gained from various life experiences and advice to refrain from testing anyone’s patience. The words are profound. 
    Other songs focus on introspection and experiencing adventures. Orphic Flight is a sweet metaphor about protection and having fun – enjoying life with the help of angels. The Buddha Hoop is a fantastic song about seeking adventure amidst struggles during the incredible journey of self-discovery by overcoming obstacles. Long Ride Home is a remarkable tune that one can interpret metaphorically and literally. It represents returning to the base as a person or to one’s hometown. It’s also about self-discovery and figuring things out. This Town is a remarkable song about finding one’s place in the world, even a sense of identity. It’s a profound piece. The 40 and a Half Bar Blues is an entertaining song describing the experience of playing in a local bar.  
    The album also has sad songs. So Far Away is a profound song about grief after losing someone dear. It also mentions the memories of the time spent with that person- a touching tribute. The tune I Am Consumed is about life’s uncertainty and hope through the confusion. It’s a beautifully vulnerable piece.

The lyrics are diverse and rich, full of nuances and imagination. The songs have an incredible depth.

The album I Am Consumed is available.

*I couldn’t find the name of the woman who sings in the song Rainy Day in Heaven.

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