Fanny Bloom’s Latest Album Holistique

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Fanny Bloom released a new album, Holistique (Holistic). The themes are introspection and heartbreak.

The music is French Pop. The album has a 90s/2000s vibe with some 80s-style sounds. There are dynamic beats. The piano and guitar add a fun and bold layer.
    There are remarkable ballads. Le Ciel Te Ressemble has beautiful slow piano music. Possible Impossible also uses the bold sounds of the piano. It parallels Marie-Mai’s 2018 La FinIt ends with a lovely violin solo, gradually and smoothly phased out. C’est toujours comme ça, c’est magique is an impressive piece that starts slow then goes up in tempo. It reminds me of the 90s/2000s hit Missing by Everything but the Girl. It also parallels Ariane Moffatt’s Debout. The mood is a mix of joy and nervousness, especially in new adventures – an interesting sentiment. À en crever has a lovely guitar sound, similar to an acoustic performance, giving it a cozy feel.  
     The record also consists of upbeat songs. Holistique is a beautiful and cheerful song that starts the album on a high, positive note. The piece Les énergies folles has immersive music that inspires one to meditate to get one’s thoughts in order. The song Méconnaissables has an intense piano playing, representing uncertainty and confusion. The composition is well-structured. Plage starts with a beach party vibe. Then, during the chorus, the music parallels Wham’s 80s hit Last ChristmasHan han comme Avant parallels Lady Gaga’s single Paparazzi, Abba’s Give Me A Man (After Midnight) and Indila’s Dernière Danse. There are also some impressive Jazz moments. Ton Coeur Qui Bat has a catchy beat and parallels Dalida’s Laissez-Moi Danser and Irene Cara’s What a Feeling. It has a violin solo and then smoothly transitions to the chorus. These songs have incredible dance moments.
The music is phenomenal throughout the album, combining different tempos, sometimes within the same song. 

Fanny Bloom’s voice is soft and soulful. She sings each song with incredible depth. She has an impressive way of capturing each emotion or multiple emotions simultaneously with great precision.

The lyrics are poetic, from the heart. The vulnerability throughout the album is genuine. The words are deep and soulful. There are intricate metaphors.
     There’s a fantastic love song. Holistique is a sweet and romantic piece written with heart and soul. The romance has a presence. There’s a touching determination to keep the relationship alive. 
     The central theme of the album is introspection. The tune Les énergies folles is a metaphor about centring oneself amid confusion and emotional chaos. The song Méconnaissables is a symbol of transitions during the journey of life – learning to cope with what feels like unique circumstances. Ton cœur qui bat is a heartfelt tune about solidarity, hope and love. C’est toujours comme ça, c’est magique  is an optimistic song about life and adventure. It’s full of excitement and childlike wonder. The piece À en crever is about living life to the fullest, in this case, singing till the end of life. It’s a powerful and cheerful song. 
    Another theme from the album is heartbreak/grief. The tune Plage is about relationship struggles through the perspective of both partners. It’s a well-thought-out tune. Han han comme avant is another profound piece about relationship challenges. Le Ciel Te Ressemble is a poetic, sad tune about the grief and loss of a loved one. It’s a personal piece that relates to the Covid-19 pandemic and the tragic news of the world. Possible Impossible is about how a relationship is at risk of falling apart. 

The Holistique is available.

Side Note
The song Plage contains language that not be suitable for some listeners.
Listener Discretion Advised

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