Single Saturdays: Alicia Carpenter – People Pleaser

American singer Alicia Carpenter has a new single entitled People Pleaser 

The song is about a lesson of learning not to care about what others think and to think for oneself.

The music is Country. It starts with the guitar, a lovely slow ballad-like style. Then, the guitar and drums mix gives the song a beautiful tempo. The single boldly picks up in rhythm to represent the joy and peace of mind in being free to choose to do something for oneself. It parallels Sheryl Crow’s single Soak Up the Sun and Faith Hill’s This Kiss (with a slower tempo)The tune has a fantastic composition. The rhythm is wavy, which gives it a road trip vibe – a representation of the symbolic internal journal. The music is cozy and dynamic, with a catchy beat.

Alicia Carpenter has a beautiful voice. She sings this incredible song with heart and soul. She sounds confident when she performs the single.

The lyrics are inspirational, with a lesson about not caring about what others think and living life as one chooses. The song is full of hope, confidence and positivity. It’s also about taking a stance by not trying to do something only to please others. There’s a beautiful wisdom in knowing that you can’t make everyone happy, but you can be satisfied with your choices, made from the heart. The repetition of the sentence “No, I won’t be a People Pleaser” is an incredible mantra to tell oneself during times of doubt. The words are well-written, with fantastic enthusiasm. 

The single People Pleaser is available.

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