Mayfly’s Poetic EP Hideaway Vol 1

Canadian and Quebec duo MayFly released a new EP, Hideaway Vol I. The themes are melancholy and introspection.

The music is Pop combined with a Techno-like sound. There’s a bold 90s vibe. Some pieces have a compelling intensity. The piano and percussion add a fun, dynamic touch. There’s a fantastic blend of musical styles. 
     Some songs have a semi-fast beat that reflects mixed emotions. The piece Sinking is an incredible introduction to the EP and the topics of sadness/melancholy. Take Me Away has fantastic synthesizer music – a thrilling techno beat. Ma Peau Brûle (My Skin Burns) has a slow, compelling techno beat. It sounds like a heartbeat, suddenly going from slow to fast. Passenger Seat starts with an incredible gradient rhythm and then smoothly changes into a fast-paced tempo. It starts intensely to a light and breezy beat.  

   Other pieces have a slow, deep music. Pretty Ending has an impressive bongo-style sound combined with percussion and synthesizers. All Dreams Fade has a phenomenal piano beat. The music is subtle in the background, leaving room for the artists’ thoughts – the vibe this song gives. Black Water starts with a slow piano sound, then boldly transitions to an intense violin playing in the back, reflecting the melancholy and heartache. It parallels the score of a pivotal moment in a movie. 
    The compositions are dynamic and full of bold twists and turns, with phenomenal music – a mix of 90s-style sounds with contemporary beats.

Emma Cochrane and Charlie Kunce have remarkable voices. They sing with great depth and richness. They adapt to each song’s mood and vibe with precision.

The lyrics are deep, with introspection full of intelligent metaphors. Each song is well-written with incredible detail. Sinking is a suitable introduction to the EP’s topics of contemplation, sadness and the emotional journey of life.
   Some pieces are about introspection, figuring out the journey as one goes along. Take Me Away is a heartbreaking piece about needing a change of scenery or a shift in mindset. The depth of this song is incredible -open to interpretation. Passenger Seat is a metaphor for stepping back and letting someone else take over. It reminds me how asking for help or letting someone else be the hero is essential. 
Other songs describe different kinds of sadness that one experiences in life. Ma Peau Brûle (My Skin Burns) is an impressive tune. It represents that eerie feeling that something is wrong or is not on the up and up. Pretty Ending is a sad piece of life after a breakup. It reflects how one partner messed up, and the girl ended the relationship. The song reminds me of that stage of grief, wondering and bargaining if she could’ve done something to save it. All Dreams Fade is a heartbreaking tune about feeling hopeless and uncertain about life and the future. It’s a relatable sentiment many can relate to a sense of doubt and anxiety. Black Water is about going through challenging times and wondering if it will improve. It also expresses if it’s possible to tell others about being in a state of distress. The title is a suitable metaphor for conveying these intense emotions. 
The songs have amazing lyrics, expressing various emotions, primarily heartache/sadness, with remarkable depth.

The EP Hideaway Vol. I is available.

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