Single Saturdays: Mette Juul – Beautiful Love – 2023 Version

Danish singer Mette Juul released a new version of the new single entitled Beautiful Love (feat. Lars Danielsson & Mike Moreno)The song is about feeling excited and scared when falling in love.

The music is Crossover Jazz. It’s a smooth ballad. The song has a great composition. The musicians Mike Moreno (guitar) and Lars Danielsson (cello) played their instruments incredibly. The slow tempo is calming. It parallels the song City of Stars from the movie La La Land (performed by Ryan Gosling) with a slightly faster tempo. The music is rich with a bold rhythm. The tune has a lovely old-fashioned Jazz beat. Lasse Nilsson did remarkable work as the producer. Wayne King, Victor Young, and Egbert Alstyne did an excellent job composing the song. 

Mette Juul’s voice is deep and rich. She sings with a natural flow. She has a bold vocal style.

The lyrics are romantic. The song perfectly describes the excitement and confusion of falling in love through mixed emotions. Haven Gillespie did remarkable work writing the tune with a simplistic writing style. The words are poetic and rich with meaning, by saying very little. The song tells the classic story of being content with a single life or independence until the heart suddenly falls in love. It feels like one doesn’t have control over feelings regarding matters of the heart. The tune is incredibly expressive and profound.

Beautiful Love (feat. Lars Danielsson & Mike Moreno) is available.

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