First Single Fridays: Rintaro Mikami – First Fish 

featuring Lily Resnikoff, David Truilo, Omri Bar Giora, Henry Plotnick, Bar Filipowicz & Ariel Bart

Japanese musician Rintaro Mikami released his first new single entitled First Fish (featuring singer Lily Resnikoff and musicians David Truilo, Omri Bar Giora, Henry Plotnick, Bar Filipowicz and guest harmonica player Ariel Bart. It’s a metaphor for contemplation and an homage to nature. 

The music is Jazz. The piano playing throughout the song is fantastic – a great start. The music is calming. There’s a lovely rhythm. Rintaro Mikami is an incredible composer. He’s also a remarkable drummer, percussionist and Canopus drums. David Truilo (tenor sax), Omri Bar Giora (guitar), Henry Plotnick (piano), Bar Filipowicz (bass), and special guest Ariel Bart (harmonica) are great musicians and add a comforting touch. The sounds of the instruments blend nicely together. The composition is dynamic and modern, combined with exquisite traditional Japanese music – a beautiful fusion of styles.

Lily Resnikoff’s voice is soothing and soulful. She has a beautiful vocal style. She sings with incredible grace and understands the rich lyrics of the song.

The lyrics are soulful and deep. The song has the ” a little goes a long way” of writing. The words seem abstract at first until one listens to them carefully. There is a fine line between dream and reality – the lines are blurry. It’s about reflecting, looking inward, and honouring nature and its wonders. According to sources, the song is autobiographical and covers Rintaro Mikami’s experience growing up on the Island of Kuchinoerabu and his artistic development. The poetry of this song is beautiful – it has an incredible depth that parallels the poetry of haiku.

The single First Fish is available.

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