First EP Fridays: Atlas – Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Canadian band Atlas released their debut EP entitled Dusk ‘Til Dawn. The themes are heartbreak, love and life.

The music is Rock. The EP parallels the Rock styles of Queen, Rolling Stones, and Guns N’ Roses. The musical styles are rich and bold. The musicians throughout the EP are exceptional. Steve Atlas plays excellent guitar. Calvin Dumont is incredible at bass. Jackson Hutton plays remarkable drums.
    Some tunes have a distinctive mix of fast and slow rhythms. Queen-Sized Lover parallels the musical styles of The Ramones and The Knack. The piece Cold-Hearted Woman has a dynamic Aerosmith vibe, especially in their early works. The track Summertime has music that parallels George Michael’s single Kissing a Fool. Flying Free has an incredible beat that parallels Billy Idol’s Mony Mony and David Bowie’s Modern Love.
   There is a track with a bold, fast-paced beat. Dusk ‘Til Dawn has an impressive combination of Rock and Jazz-style beats. The composition’s intricacy is remarkable. It parallels Queen’s songs Another One Bites the Dust (The Game album) and Stone Cold Crazy (from the Sheer Heart Attack album).
The music is phenomenal, blending musical styles from the 70s and 80s with contemporary bold Rock sounds.

Austin Leich’s voice is fantastic. He sings with a dynamic passion in each song. His vocal style is edgy and rhythmic.

The lyrics are deep with rich poetry. The songs describe the subjects of heartbreak at different stages. The tune Queen-Sized Lover describes overwhelming raw emotions with the challenges of choosing between two people. The words have incredible simplicity. The song Cold-Hearted Woman describes the pain and anger caused by a betrayal. There’s a genuine, vulnerable feeling. Summertime is a profound piece describing heartbreak during the Summer season through flashbacks of the good memories. Dusk ‘Til Dawn is about trying to understand the recent heartbreak. It expresses grief, confusion and sadness.
    The EP ends on a positive note with the track Flying Free. It’s about moving on from heartbreak. There’s a sense of hope and adventure. One can truly feel the freedom of feeling happy.
The lyrics are rich in language and poetry, describing the purity of emotions are pure.

The EP Dusk ‘Til Dawn is available.

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