Single Saturdays: Justine Blanchet – Cheap Sunglasses

Canadian singer Justine Blanchet has a new single entitled Cheap Sunglasses. The song is a metaphor for dealing with heartbreak.

The music is Country. It’s a dynamic ballad with a wavy rhythm. The composition is intricate and well-structured. It starts slow and then smoothly transitions to a semi-fast beat. The guitar is remarkable. The song has a catchy beat. The tune parallels Shania Twain’s singles (If You’re Not In It For LoveI’m Outta Here and Don’t. The occasional intensity of the music represents heartbreak, then changes to an upbeat sound that feels like a sense of freedom. 

Justine Blanchet’s voice is soulful. She sounds vulnerable and unafraid to express her views on love and heartbreak. She captures the sentiment many feel regarding these two subjects.

The lyrics are profound. The song describes the anxiety/fear of getting hurt and the shield against heartbreak through the metaphor of cheap sunglasses. It’s a new spin on the topic of heartbreak. There’s so much depth in how the lyrics cover pain from the experiences of past relationships – it’s relatable. The words are well-written with great precision. The line “It ain’t love I’m chasing” represents freedom to be on one’s own for a while in the journey called life. It’s a powerful line that is inspirational and hopeful after a period of heartbreak.

The single Cheap Sunglasses is available.

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