First Single Fridays: Jay Virdee I Believe (In Me)

British artist Jay Virdee released her first single, I Believe (In Me). The song is about self-confidence that shines through, proving others wrong about their perception of oneself.

The music is Pop. It has a 90s vibe. The song has an upbeat sound. It starts with a lovely slow piano beat combined with some drums. The clapping comes into the background giving a sense of hope and solidarity during the chorus. It has a relaxing meditation-style rhythm, giving a sense of hope. The composition is remarkable in its change of tempos and blends of musical styles. The music is dynamic. There are various versions available on an EP that are incredible. It ends on a fantastic fade-out of the piano playing as Jay Virdee says I Believe In Me. 

Jay Virdee’s voice is soft and soulful. She sounds calm yet confident. Her vocal style parallels that of the Spoken word.

The lyrics are uplifting and simplistic. The repetition of the sentence “I Believe In Me” is an inspirational mantra to oneself. It promotes self-love, self-compassion and determination. The words are about standing up to those who try to put others down by trying to hurt them with doubt and negativity. There’s a beautiful sense of empowerment and confidence. Jay Virdee did an excellent job writing the song with depth using the less is more approach. She chose suitable words to express the importance of confidence and strength in adversity.  

The single I Believe (in Me) is available.

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