Canadian Artist of The Year 2023: Silka Weil

The 2023 Canadian Artist of the Year is Silka Weil. I know Silka from school. She’s a kind, loving person with a heart of gold.

Silka Weil’s voice is soft and rhythmic. She sings with heart and soul. I’ve seen her remarkably perform covers of various songs, such as Civilian by Wye Oak. Silka can honour these tunes while also putting her spin on them. She plays incredible guitar, especially in her acoustic performances. She is a fantastic singer-songwriter who puts great thought into her songs. Silka has a way with words.

In 2023, Silka Weil released her first EP, an eponym with four great songs. These pieces tell dynamic stories, as mentioned in my review last April. Silka’s music is an incredible blend of Folk, Pop and Rock. The experimental aspect of the music is bold and well-thought-out. The videos for her songs, such as Unsatisfied and Time, are fantastic. Her career is off to a great start.

I look forward to hearing more of her music.

Wishing you a successful career, Silka!

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