Single Saturdays: Robby Johnson – June in July

Canadian-American singer Robby Johnson released a new single entitled June in July. The song tells the story of a man remembering a romantic Summer fling. Danny Rader and Robby Johnson wrote and produced the single. 

The music is Country. The song has a wavy rhythm. The up and downs reflect various emotions, from joy and nostalgia to sadness because the fling ended. The tempo slows down during the chorus to boldly increase in a slower. It parallels Wilfred LeBouthillier’s Je Reviens (I come back) and Lady A’s singles Just a Kiss and Need You NowIt also reminds me of Country songs Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill performed together. Danny Rader and Robby Johnson did remarkable work producing the song. The guitar has a dynamic melody. The guitar’s deep sound sets the song’s mood with precision. Then the fast-paced music during the third verse complements the tune’s climax. The composition is incredibly well-structured, with a distinctive beat for each mood.

Robby Johnson’s voice is smooth and husky. He sings from the heart the bittersweet memories of the Summer fling. He has a richness in his vocal style.

The lyrics are nostalgic and bittersweet. It tells in great detail about the Summer fling with a girl named June. That includes the description of a Silverado and the blue Southern Sky. It also talks about the heartbreak when the fling ended. The guy wonders if the girl he loved remembers him and what became of her after she left. The most exciting detail is how the song ended with a cliffhanger. Does the girl return to him, or is she just passing by? The mystery of it all adds a layer to this intriguing story. There’s so much depth to the song. The words are poetic and from the heart. The use of freestyle writing works with the storytelling aspect of the song. 

The single June in July is available.

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