Giorgia Fumanti’s Classic Movie Songs Homage – Cinema Collection

Italian-Canadian singer Giorgia Fumanti released a new album entitled Cinema Collection. It’s a touching homage to movie theme songs from different eras. 

The music is a mix of Vocals and Opera. The album has a classical spin on famous film songs from different cinematic eras. It honours the movie scores, giving it a sentimental feeling of nostalgia. There are dynamic compositions. The symphony playing on the album is incredible – including the piano adds a charming musical touch. There’s a balance of homage and a new spin on the cinematic classics, combining different music genres such as the combination of Jazz and Classical and other blends of musical styles.  

     The covers on the record are impressive. These are some of the examples that demonstrate the mix of styles and genres of music. Over the Rainbow has a beautiful symphony sound that creates a theatrical feel. The rhythm follows the original song but with a slower ballad-like tempo, full of hope. The cover of Moon River has a piano that puts a lovely Classical spin. It has a smooth rhythm. The composition of this version is similar to the Frank Sinatra one. The song, Angels, has beautiful choir-like music. The piano has a lovely presence, without overpowering Giorgia Fumanti’s voice, but with support. Les Feuilles Mortes (dead leaves) sounds like French-style Jazz, parallels Yves Montand’s version. The rendition of Take My Breath Away is impressive. It honours the original composition with a slower tempo and an operatic style. The drums in the background create the heartbeat sensation, which works well in this version. When You Wish Upon a Star has music that evokes nostalgia in listeners, remembering the scenes from the Pinocchio movie. The French version, Quand On Prie La Bonne Etoile, also conveys the same emotion. The piece Calling You has a beautiful Jazz sound. The music has a smooth, flowy rhythm. Instead of the harmonica, there’s the fantastic sound of the trombone. Cinema Collection is an incredible album that pays homage to movie theme songs while adding a Classical music spin.

Giorgia Fumanti’s voice is bold. She has a phenomenal soprano voice- her vocal range is impressive. She sings with great passion. She performs in three languages: English, French and Italian, sometimes in combination. For some songs,  Giorgia Fumanti sang the English and the second version in another, which is the case with Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing / La Plus Belle Chose au MondeWhen You Wish Upon a Star / Quand On Prie La Bonne Etoile, Once Upon a Time In the West/ Un Jour Tu Reviendras. Giorgia Fumanti puts her heart and soul into every cover. She expresses and understands the emotion(s) felt in every track on the album

The album Cinema Collection is available.

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