Single Saturdays: Brittany- Kennell – Together We’re Rich

Canadian singer Brittany Kennell released a new single entitled Together We’re Rich. The song tells the story of two best friends going on a road trip and enjoying life.

The music is Country. The song has a catchy, upbeat sound that complements the Summer vibe. Brittany Kennell plays the guitar, giving the tune a flowy rhythm and capturing that road trip feeling. The guitar’s beat is bold. It goes from fast to slow and vice-versa to represent what happens on road trips, such as going to rest areas or going somewhere to eat. The transition of tempos is smooth and relaxing, which is what travelling with a friend can feel like. It parallels Shania Twain’s singles Any Man of Mine, Up and Man! I Feel Like a Woman. Brittany Kennell did an excellent job with the composition. The musical structure is incredible and well-thought-out.  

Brittany Kennell has a rich, deep voice. She sings the song with heart and soul. She sounds happy and enthusiastic to be travelling with her friend. 

The lyrics are deep and heartwarming. The song is about a friendship of two best friends who decide to take a road trip. I like the nostalgic detail when Brittany Kennell mentions listening to Spice Girls during the voyage. It celebrates living life with friends and appreciating the journey. The tune has a natural flow, which works well with the story of travelling on the open road. The description of the car not having a working AC, the feeling of driving a Bentley even though it’s a Chevy, and driving through golden arches (a Mcdonald’s reference) eating fries like it’s caviar, makes the song feel personal and from the heart. Brittany Kennell’s attention to detail is impressive throughout the song. 

The single Together We’re Rich is available.

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